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  grovel crawl, humble oneself

  guile deceit, cunning

  gull cheat, decieve

  gullible easily

  hallow make holy, regard as holy

  hamper basket with a lid, prevent free movement or activity

  hapless unlucky

  harsh rough, cruel, stern

  heed pay attention; notice

  heresy belief contrary to what is generally acceted

  hoax mischievous trick played on smb for a joke

  hollow not soled, witha hole

  holster leather case for a pistol

  hone stone used for sharpening tools

  hurdle light frame, fence to be jumped over

  idolatrous worshipping idols

  immaculate pure, faultless

  imminent likely to come or happen soon

  impaired damaged, weakened

  impending imminent, being about to happen, expected

  imperative urgent, essential

  imperiousness haughty, arrogant, commanding

  impetuous moving quickly, impulsive without care

  impiety lack of reverence or dutifulness

  implausibility incredibility

  implicate show that smb has a share

  implicit implied though not plainly expressed

  imply make a suggestion

  impromptu without preparation

  impudence being rash, indisreet

  impugned challenged, to be doubted

  inasmuch since, because

  inchoate just begun, half-form state

  incise engrave, make a cut in

  incite stir up, rouse

  inclined directing the mind in a certain direction

  incoherently not consistently, unclearly

  incongruous out of place, not in harmony or agreement

  incorrigibility cannot be cured or corrected

  incumbents official duties

  incursion sudden attack

  indelible that cannot be rubbed out

  indigence poverty

  indigenous native

  indistinct not easily heard, seen, clearly marked

  inept unskillful; said or done at the wrong time

  infertile not fertile, barren

  infertility being not fertile

  infuse put, pour, fill

  inhibit hinder, restrain

  innocuous causing no harm

  insipid without taste or flavour

  insularity being narrow-minded

  intersperse place here and there


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