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  exoneration set smb slear, free (eg. from blame)

  exorbitant much too high or great

  extant still in existence

  extinct no longer active

  extirpate destroy utterly

  extort obtain by threats, violence

  exuberance state of growing vigorously; being full of life

  facilitate make easy (eg. a process of smth)

  fallacy false or mistaken belief

  fatuous without sense, foolish self-satisfaction

  faucet device for controlling the outflow of a liquid

  fawn young deer, try to win smb's favour by servile behaviour

  feckless futile, irresponsible, inefficient

  feint pretend

  felon person guilty of murder

  ferment substance; become excited

  ferocity savage cruelty

  fertile producing much, full of ideas

  fertilize make fertile or productive

  fervid showing earnest feeling

  fervor warmth of feelings; earnestness

  fidelity loyalty, accuracy

  fidget move restlessly, make nervous

  figurehead carved image on the prow of a ship

  finite limited, having bounds

  flamboyant brightly colored, florid

  flammable having tendency to burst into flames

  flaunting show off complacently

  flaw crack, lessen value

  fledged able to fly, trained, experienced

  fleet number of ships, quick-moving

  fleeting passing quaickly

  flexibility easily bent without braking

  flinch drow, move back, wince

  florid very much ornamented; naturally red (eg. of face)

  flout oppose, treat with contempt

  fluster make nervous or confused

  foment put smth (to lessen the pain), cause smth

  foppish like a man who pays too much attention to his clothes

  forbear refrain from, be patient; ancestor

  ford shallow place in a river (to cross)

  forfeit suffer the loss of smth

  forge workshop for the shaping of metal; to shape metal; lead

  forgery counterfeit

  fortuitous happening by chance

  fragile easily injured, broken or destroyed

  fragrant sweet-smelling

  fret worry; irritation; wear away

  friction the rubbing of one thing against another, difference of opinion

  fringe edge; ornamental border; part of hair over the forehead

  frugal careful, economical

  fulmination bitter protest

  gainsay deny, contradict

  gambol quick, playful jumping

  garment article of clothing

  garrulous too talkative

  gaucherie socially awkward, tactless bahaviour

  gist the point, general sense

  glib ready and smooth but not sincere

  gloat over look at with selfish delight

  glut supply to much, fill to excess

  gossamer soft, light, delicate material

  gouge tool for cutting grooves in wood

  grave serious, requiring consideration

  grievance cause for complaint or protest

  grievous causing grief or suffering

  grooves long channel in the surface, habital way of living


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