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  concur agree in opinion, happen together

  condense increase in density, strength, make laconic

  congeal make or become stiff and solid

  connoisseur a person with good judgement (eg. in art)

  consent give agreement or permission

  consolation consoling or being consoled

  console give comfort or sympathy to

  consternation surprise and fear,dismay

  constrict make tight or smaller

  consume get to the end of

  contentious quarrelsome

  contiguous touching, neighboring, near

  contrite filled with deep sorrow for wrongdoing

  convoke call together, summon

  convoluted complicated; coiled, twisted

  cord twisted strands

  corporeal physical; of or for the body

  correlate have a mutual relation

  corroboration additional, strengthening evidence

  counterfeit forgery

  covetous eagerly desirous

  craven cowardly

  crease line made by crushing; white line on the ground in criket

  credulity too great a readiness to believe things

  credulous ready to believe things

  crush press, lose shape, subdue, overwhelm

  cryptic secret, with a hidden meaning

  cumbersome burdensome, heavy and awkward to carry

  dart quick movement; missile in darts

  dawdler person who is slow; waste of time

  dearth shortage

  deference respect

  defiance open disobedience or resistance

  deflect turn aside

  deluge great flood, heavy rush of water

  demur raise an objection

  dent hollow, depression mad by a blow

  deposition dethronoment, depositing

  deprave make morally bad; corrupt

  derision ridicule, mockery, deriding

  derivative derived, not original or primitive

  descry catch sight of, see smth in the distance

  detach separate

  diatribe bitter and violent attack in words

  dilate speak comprehensively, become wider, large

  disabuse free from false ideas, put right

  discern see with an effort but clearly

  discourse speech, lecture

  dismal sad, gloomy, miserable

  disparate essentially different

  dissemble speak or behave so as to hide smth (in mind)

  dissent have a different opinion, refuse to assent

  dissipation going away, dispersing

  distinct easily heard, seen, understood, clearly marked

  distorted pulled out of the usual shape, give a false account of

  distraught distracted, violently upset in mind

  distraught disracted; violently upset in mind

  divergerence getting farther apart from a point

  divestiture taking off, getting rid of, giving up

  divulge make known smth secret

  dormant in a state of inactivity but awaiting development

  dote show much fondness, center one's attention

  drone male bee, person who isn't self-employed

  drowsiness feeling sleepy, half asleep

  dud no use person, smth that fails

  dupe cheat, make a fool of

  dwarf person or smb much below the usual size

  earthenware dishes made of baked clay

  ebullience exuberance, outburst of feeling

  eddy circular or spiral movement (eg. of wind)

  effrontery shameless boldness, impudence

  egress way out, exit

  elaborate worked out with much care in great detail

  eloquence fluent speaking; skillful use of language

  encomium very high praise

  endemic epidemic

  endorse write one's name on the back of

  enervate cause to lose strength

  engender be the case of (eg. situation, condition)

  engrossing taken up all the time or attention; writing in large or formal

  engulf swallow up

  enigma smth that is puzzling

  enzyme catalyst

  epistle letter

  equilibrium state of being balanced

  equivocal having a double or doubtful meaning; suspicious

  equivocate put an end, get rig of

  erode wear away, eat into

  erratic irregular in behaviour or opinion

  escalate increase, develop

  evaluating finding out the value

  evaporate change into vapour, disappear, die

  evoke call up, bring out

  evolve unfold, develop naturally and gradually

  exculpate free from blame


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