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  avid eager, greedy

  balloon swell out like balloon

  balm sweet-smelling oil; smth giving peace of mind; consolation

  banal uninteresting

  band flat, thin strip of material; group; range of frequences

  barrage artificial obstacle built across a river

  barren not good enough, unable to have young ones, without value

  bask in enjoy warmth and light

  be irreconcilable cannot be brought into harmony

  belligerent (person, nation) waging war

  belligerently waging war

  bend cause smth to be out of a straight line

  benevolence wish or activity in doing good

  biased prejudice

  bigot stubborn, narrow-minded person

  blandishment flattery, coaxing

  blandness polite manner, comforting, uninteresting

  blithe gay and joyous

  blueprint plan, scheme, photographic print

  boggle be alarmed, hesitate, amazed

  bogus sham, counterfeit, not genuine

  bolster give greatly needed support

  braid strands of hair woven together, smth edging sloth or garments

  breach opening, broken place, breaking

  brisk active, lively

  brisket breast of an animal

  brittle easily broken

  broach begin discussion of, veer

  burgeon put out leaves, begin to grow

  calipers metal supports attached to the legs, measuring instrument

  candid frank, straight-forward

  castigation severe punishment

  casual happening by chance, careless

  catalyst substance that causes speeding up

  census official counting of the population

  centurion leader of a unit of 100 soldiers

  chary cautious, wary

  chastisement punishment

  chisel steel tool for shaping materials

  churl bad-tempered person

  cite give as an example

  cleanse make pure, thoroughly clean

  clot half-solid lump formed from liquid

  cloture closing, device (in Parliament) to end a debate by voting

  coalescing coming together and uniting into one substance

  coax get smb to do smth by kindness

  coddle treat with care and tenderness

  coerce compel, to force to make obedient

  cogent strong, convincing

  cogitate think deeply, mediate

  cognition knowing, awareness (emotionless)

  colander bowl-shaped vessel with many holes used to drain off water

  collusion secret agreement for a deceitful purpose

  combustion process of burning

  commend praise

  commendable worthy of praise

  commuter person who travels regularly

  complacently with self-satisfaction

  complaisance easy-going habit of mind

  comply act in accordance

  compound mix or combine

  conceal hide, keep secret

  conceit over-high opinion of, too much pride

  conciliatory intending to or likely to, peaceful

  concord agreement or harmony


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