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  1. A recent survey shows that, while ninety-four percent of companies conducting management training programs open them to women, women are ________ only seventy-four percent of those programs.

  (A) protesting against

  (B) participating in

  (C) displeased by

  (D) allowed in

  (E) refused by

  2. Thomas Paine, whose political writing was often flamboyant, was in private life a surprisingly ________ man: he lived in rented rooms, ate little, and wore drab clothes.

  (A) simple

  (B) controversial

  (C) sordid

  (D) comfortable

  (E) discourteous

  3. Their ________ of loyalties is first to oneself, next to kin, then to fellow tribe members, and finally to compatriots.

  (A) merging

  (B) hierarchy

  (C) definition

  (D) judgment

  (E) cognizance

  4. The belief that science destroys the arts appears to be supported by historical evidence that the arts have ________ only when the sciences have been ________.

  (A) declined.. attacked

  (B) flourished.. neglected

  (C) matured.. unconcerned

  (D) succeeded.. developed

  (E) floundered.. constrained

  5. The action and characters in a melodrama can be so immediately ________ that all observers can hiss the villain with an air of smug but enjoyable ________.

  (A) spurned.. boredom

  (B) forgotten.. condescension

  (C) classified. .self-righteousness

  (D) plausible.. guilt

  (E) gripping. .skepticism

  6. In the design of medical experiments, the need for ________ assignment of treatments to patients must be ________ the difficulty of persuading patients to participate in an experiment in which their treatment is decided by chance.

  (A) independent.. amended by

  (B) competent.. emphasized by

  (C) mechanical.. controlled by

  (D) swift. .associated with

  (E) random.. reconciled with

  7. Though dealers insist that professional art dealers can make money in the art market, even an ________ knowledge is not enough: the art world is so fickle that stock-market prices are ________ by comparison.

  (A) amateur's. .sensible

  (B) expert's.. erratic

  (C) investor's.. booming

  (D) insider's.. predictable .

  (E) artist's.. irrational



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