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  1. Contrary to the popular conception that it is powered by conscious objectivity, science often operates through error, happy accidents, ________ and persistence in spite of mistakes.

  (A) facts

  (B) controls

  (C) hunches

  (D) deductions

  (E) calculations

  2. The transition from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic era is viewed by most art historians as a ________ , because, instead of an increasingly __________ pictorial art, we find degeneration.

  (A) milestone.. debased

  (B) consolidation.. diverse

  (C) calamity.. aberrant

  (D) regression.. sophisticated

  (E) continuation.. improved

  3. Salazar’s presence in the group was so _________ the others that they lost most of their earlier __________; failure, for them, became all but unthinkable.

  (A) reassuring to .. trepidation

  (B) unnoticed by.. curiosity

  (C) unusual to.. harmony

  (D) endearing to.. confidence

  (E) unexpected by.. exhilaration

  4. The eradication of pollution is not merely a matter of __________, though the majestic beauty of nature is indeed an important consideration.

  (A) economics

  (B) legislation

  (C) cleanliness

  (D) aesthetics

  (E) cleanliness

  5. Despite an agreement between labor and management to keep the print and electronic media __________ developments, the details of the negotiations were __________ all but a few journalists from the major metropolitan newspapers.

  (A) abreast of.. disclosed to

  (B) involved in.. leaded to

  (C) apprised of.. withheld from

  (D) speculating about.. denied to

  (E) ignorant of .. suppressed by

  6. Word order in a sentence was much freer in Old French than it is in French today, this ________ disappeared as the French language gradually lost its case distinctions.

  (A) restriction

  (B) license

  (C) similarity

  (D) rigidity

  (E) imperative

  7.Whereas biologists must maintain a _________ attitude toward the subjects of their research, social scientists must, paradoxically, combine personal involvement and scholarly _________.

  (A) scrupulous.. sympathy

  (B) careful.. abandon

  (C) casual.. precision

  (D) passive.. passion

  (E) disinterested.. detachment



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