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  1. Despite the fact that the two council members belonged to different political parties, they ________ the issue of how to finance the town debt.

  (A) complicated

  (B) avoided

  (C) attested to

  (D) reported on

  (E) agreed on

  2. The breathing spell provided by the ________ arms shipments should give all the combatants a chance to reevaluate their positions.

  (A) plethora of

  (B) moratorium on

  (C) reciprocation of

  (D) concentration on

  (E) development of

  3. The notion that cultural and biological influences ________ determine cross-cultural diversity is discredited by the fact that, in countless aspects of human existence, it is cultural programming that overwhelmingly accounts for cross-population variance.

  (A) jointly

  (B) completely

  (C) directly

  (D) equally

  (E) eventually

  4. Because medieval women's public participation in spiritual life was not welcomed by the male establishment, a compensating ________ religious writings, inoffensive to the members of the establishment because of its ________ , became important for many women.

  (A) involvement with.. privacy

  (B) attention to.. popularity

  (C) familiarity with.. scarcity

  (D) dissatisfaction with.. profundity

  (E) resistance to.. domesticity

  5. This final essay, its prevailing kindliness ________ by occasional flashes of savage irony, bespeaks the ________ character of the author.

  (A) illuminated.. imperturbable

  (B) marred.. dichotomous

  (C) untainted.. vindictive

  (D) exemplified.. chivalrous

  (E) diluted.. ruthless

  6. Although his attempts to appear psychotic were so ________ as to be almost ________ , there is evidence that Ezra Pound was able to avoid standing trial for treason merely by faking symptoms of mental illness.

  (A) spontaneous.. amusing

  (B) contrived.. believable

  (C) clumsy.. ludicrous

  (D) stylized.. distressing

  (E) sporadic.. premeditated

  7. The ________ questions that consistently structure the study of history must be distinguished from merely ________ questions, which have their day and then pass into oblivion.

  (A) recurrent.. practical

  (B) instinctive.. factual

  (C) ingrained.. discriminating

  (D) philosophical.. random

  (E) perennial.. ephemeral



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