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2022年6月英语六级选词填空试题及答案 第二套
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  2022年6月英语四级考试已经结束了,新东方网四六级频道为您带来《2022年6月英语六级选词填空试题及答案 第二套》供各位考生参考!我们将以更及时的发布本期英语6级试卷、6级答案、以及6级试题解析,请关注【官方微信:四六级小助手 (微信号:koolearncet)】,了解最新信息。

《2022年6月英语六级选词填空试题及答案 第二套》



  26. G correlation

  27.B amiably

  28. H facinated

  29. A adversely

  30 N signify

  31. C boOst

  32. M recurrent

  33. D cognitive

  34.L prone

  35. E compassion


  36.F Climate change has wrought havoc on the lives oftens of thousands of people

  37.BI took scientists a long time to realise that the function of forests goes far beyond providing humans with timber.

  38.H There is abundant evidence that we are now facing a possible ecological disaster.

  39.D Environmental science became academie disciplines only some sixty years ago

  40.K Things cannot change overnight, but reducing the consumption of natural resources will help solve the ecological crisis.

  41.C Human perception of forests has undergone a tremendous change in the past years.

  42.G Recent history shows reduction of pollution once seemingly impossible, can actually be accomplished

  43.A People began to consider preserving natural resourees when they feared they would have nothing to use in the future.

  44.J If we doubt our ability to reverse ecological deterioration, we are throwing away the chance to take action.

  45.E How to respond effectively to climate change has become the focus of international diplomacy


  46 B) It would be detrimental to music production

  47 A) Al technology is conducive to music composition.

  48 A) Music produced with Al technology lacks humanness.

  49 D) It is human specific.

  50 B) It has the prospect of becoming the norm in the future.

  51 B) It is a necessary means to improve their understanding of Scientific issues.

  52 C) Turn to a specialist for professional help.

  53 D) The public's understanding of science is much better than some have claimed.

  54 C) A learned scholar is not necessarily a qualified science communicator.

  55 D) Develop communication skills.