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【雅思换题季】2022年5-8月口语题库范文Part2新题 - 想一起共事的家人(Question)
2022-11-24 17:57




Question 1:

Do you think people are familiar with their neighbors?


此题为 Part 3 的观点类题型,可以有三种回答方式: yes/ no/ it depends. 可以从今夕对比进行拓展,比 如过去人们关系很好( close ),现在关系比较疏远( distant)了。

Sample Answer:

Yes, I think that's true, unfortunately. In this day and age, we seem to be experiencing some sort of trust crisis, especially when it comes to neighbors. If a new family moves to a community, few people will knock on their door and send their regards. And similarly, they wouldn't throw a housewarming party and invite their neighbors to join them. However, things were not like this in the past. neighbors were really close and kids were even allowed to play in their neighbors' home for a long time.

Question 2:

How can people improve the relationship with neighbors in a community?


此题为 Part 3 典型的建议类题型,要求给出改善邻里关系的建议。相对万能的思路包括: 1. a fully functional app 好用的app ,帮助调和矛盾,增进交流等; 2. 父母教育,比如鼓励或欢迎孩子到家里玩 儿

Sample Answer:

I'm not so sure about this. But perhaps one thing we can do is to have a fully functional app, you know, like a community app, so that neighbors can communicate ideas each other more easily. And if there is some kind of friction, problem or even conflict, they can sort it out online instead of face-to-face. But for me, the best way to improve neighborhood relationship is education. Parents need to encourage their kids to play with their neighbors, or be happy to invite their neighbors to come to their apartments. This can be a great bonding opportunity.

Question 3:

Is it beneficial to get along well with neighbors?


此题为 Part 3 典型的观点类题型,要求考生先回答“是否有好处” ,再进行解释、原因、举例等拓展。 可以结合个人经历描述。

Sample Answer:

Yes absolutely. It's always a good thing to get on well with others, especially our neighbors. In China, people often say a good neighbor matters more than a distant relative. That's to say, they can be our support systems when our family or friends are not close by. This can be particularly important when a disaster strikes, say an earthquake, or something. Our neighbor might be the first one who can do rescue work, even though it might not be the smartest idea. Anyway, I can't think of anything negative about getting along well with neighbors.

Question 4:

How do children build relationships with others in a community?


此题为 Part 3 典型的建议类题型,要从“儿童”视角进行回答。例如, street play 街头玩耍,volunteering 参加小区志愿者活动,meeting people at the community playground 在社区游乐场交朋友 等。

Sample Answer:

I think there're many things kids can do to help them establish relationships with others in the community. Street play, for instance, can be a great idea. They can spend time with their neighbors, develop independence, i mean, play without their parents tailing them. And another benefit of doing that is that they can meet other adults in the neighborhood. It's like a big extended family, creating a great sense of community and belonging. As well as that, parents always like it when their community organizes some kind of volunteering activity, like a campaign or something, so that their kids can participate, meet new people, help others, and develop essential interpersonal skills.