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  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Many teachers assignhomework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessaryfor students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

  Is daily homework necessary for students?

  Tracing back to my school years, teachers used to give us a heavy load of homework. In fact, the tradition of doing assignment after school is still adopted in all schools today.Just as Confucius once said, "To learn with constant perseverance and practice what you have learned is a pleasure." The process of doing homework is a perfect conduction of this notion. However, pressure caused by too much homework might bring about negative consequences. In my view, assigning homework every day is necessary, but its amount should not be excessive.

  Primarily, homework helps the students to review what has been learned and prepare for the new. Needless to say, a period of time is needed to carefully digest the accumulated knowledge. Doing homework is an effective way to assimilate knowledge. Through having a suitable amount of exercises and memorizing tasks, further comprehension is obtained. Afterwards, a brief preview familiarizes the students with the new knowledge, thus making it easier for them to understand what will be taught the next day.According to a report from a major education website, over 90% of high school teachers assign homework every day. Many of them agree that students who can actively complete their homework are more able to make progress in their studies.

  Furthermore, doing homework helps parents to cooperate with teachers. The signature of a parent is usually required to indicate that he or she is also involved in the education process. From a certain angle, parents are regarded as good teachers at home. By taking advantage of the chance to go through their children's homework, parents could have detailed discussions with their children about their studies. They are also in the position to supervise their children in case difficulties arise and instruct them in ways to solve these problems. Evidence of this can be found in many Chinese families nowadays.

  However, too much homework every day takes up the students' leisure time. They deserve more time for relaxing and for hobbies and other beneficial activities. Education should not be confinedto what has been taught at school. If they are deprived of the freedom to do anything they like,their enthusiasm in learning might fade considerably. In addition, the amount of homework should be reduced.Excessive homework can only lead to rebel psychology on the part of the students. The balance between work and play is of paramount importance for the comprehensive development of an individual. Just as an old saying describes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." In recent years, the policy of "reducing the students' load" was implemented by the Chinese government, with the purpose of freeing children from excessive pressure from school.

  Consequently, ensuring the smooth development of education in modern society, homework needs to be assigned to the students after class. Based on all the reasons listed above, I reiterate my standpoint that doing homework is a tradition that should be carried out, but it is not supposed to be a heavy daily burden on the students.



  首先,家庭作业 帮助学生复习学过的知识并预习新内容。毋庸置疑,学生们需要利用一段时间来仔细消化所积累的知识,而写作业就是吸收知识的有效途径之一。通过完成适量的练习题以及一些记忆任务,学生可以进一步理解所学知识。之后简单的预习可以使学生初步熟悉新知识,这样他们更容易理解第二天老师即将教授的内容。一个主流教育网站的报道显示,超过90%的高中老师会每天给学生布置作业。许多老师都认为,积极完成家庭作业的学生更有可能学习进步。





  trace back to... 追溯到……

  Confucius 孔子(中国春秋末期著名的思想家、教育家,儒家学派创始人,其思想及学说对后世产生了极其深远的影响。)

  To learn with constant perseverance and practice what youhave learned is a pleasure. 学而时习之,不亦说乎?

  excessive adj. 过多的;极度的;过分的

  primarily adv. 首先

  digest vt. 消化,吸收;融会贯通

  assimilate vt. 吸收

  familiarize...with 使……熟悉

  froma certain angle 从某种角度来说

  go through 仔细检查

  in the position to do... 有能力做……

  in case 万一;假使take up 占据

  be confined to... 局限于……;限制在……

  rebel psychology 逆反心理

  reducing the students' load “学生减负(政策)”

  reiterate vt. 重申;重述

  standpoint n. 立场;观点