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  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Some people thinkmaking sure that others (influential people or potential employers) know aboutyour strengths and accomplishments can help you to succeed. If you do not dothis, you won't have a successful life.

  The success stories of numerous world-renowned celebrities justify the idea that one's bright future is held in the palm of his own hand. Being discovered and acknowledged by influential people, or potential employers, is only a fortunate encounter, or a good opportunity. Taking advantage of their help might make it easier to obtain a satisfactory post. Nonetheless, whether one can finally succeed or not depends largely on his consistent efforts. Previous accomplishments have already become history. Therefore, one's strengths should be further developed and new accomplishments achieved, otherwise such opportunities will be wasted and futile. As far as I am concerned, being accepted and sustained by others is only an external rather than decisive factor of success.

  As a matter of fact, not all opportunities lead to success. We should hold an objective attitude about the

  relationship between favorable chances and success. Kevin Geary used to say, "Success happens not by chance, but because you were given a chance and took advantage of it."In other words, meeting an opportunity is only a stepping stone toward a potential future success. Showing off before certain people and letting them know one's strong points might be helpful, but is by no means a decisive factor that directly leads to prosperity. If a person manages to convince an influential figure of his merits and achievements, he is more likely to be promoted to a higher position or work on an important project. That indeed paves the way to his

  success. Nonetheless, suppose this person becomes overly self-contented and stops making great efforts? Then the blessed opportunity will be wasted. No matter how brilliant his past used to be, his future will not be promising. Therefore, seize the opportunity and continue to work diligently, as this is the key to success. Neither step should be neglected.

  In addition to great opportunities, tremendous efforts a n d self-reliance, there are other essential elements that help to guide a person into their successful future. In today's complicated society, being successful is never an easy task, but involves the combined effects of those factors. To illustrate, many highly-valued inner qualities likewisdom, honesty, creativity, a strong sense of responsibility, modesty, generosity, courage and kindness are characteristics found in most successful individuals. Outstanding abilities and comprehensive skills are also required.

  In summary, no one else is entitled to claim to be the o n ly determining factor in a person's promising future. What should be taken into account is the real function of opportunities. The elements of success involve more than just attention from others. The untiring efforts of an individual are keys to success. After all, success never comes to those who are overly obsessed with waiting for opportunities.


  无数世界名人的成功事迹证明了一个道理,那就 是,光明的前途是掌握在自己手中的。能够被有影响力 的人或潜在的雇主所发掘和承认仅仅是一个幸运的机遇 或一个好机会而已。利用他们的帮助也许可以更轻易地 得到某个美差。然而,一个人是否能最终获得成功大多 取决于其不懈的努力。以前的成就已成为历史。因此, 他/她的实力应该得到加强,并且需要取得崭新的成 就,否则那些机遇就会被荒废,徒劳无果。我认为,得 到他人的接受与支持仅仅是成功的外因,而并非决定性


  事实上,并非所有的机遇都会带来成功。我们应当 对良好机会与成功两者之间的关系持有一个客观的态 度。凯文·吉尔里曾经说过:“成功并非单凭偶然就能获 得,而是在于你很好地利用了他人所给予的机会。”换句 话来说,遇到良机仅仅是通向未来潜在成功的垫脚石。 在某些人面前展示自我并让他们知道自己的优势也许会 有所帮助,但这绝非直接导向辉煌的决定因素。如果一

  个人使某位重量级人物确信了他/她的优点与成就的话,那么他/她就更有可能得到晋升或获准参与到重要 的项目中去。这确实为取得成功铺平了道路。然而,假 设这个人变得过于自满,并且不再努力,那么会怎样 呢?那么他/她所获得的良机就会失效。无论他/她的 过去有多么风光,也不会有什么美好的前景的。因此, 应当抓住机遇并且继续努力奋斗,这才是成功的秘诀。 要一步一个脚印走下去。

  除了良好的机遇、巨大的努力和独立外,还有其他 一些协助一个人走向成功未来的基本元素。在当今纷繁复杂的社会里,取得成功并非易事,需要将所有的元素 结合起来。具体而言,很多宝贵的内在素质,如智慧、 正直、创造力、强烈的责任感、谦逊的态度、慷慨、勇气以及善心,这些都是多数成功人士所具备的。同时, 出众的本领与综合技能也是必备的元素。



  be held in the palmof one's own hand 被掌握在某人手中

  consistent adj. 始终如一的,一致的;坚持的

  futile adj. 徒劳的;无用的;无效的

  external factor 外因(外在因素)

  decisive factor 决定性因素

  favorable adj. 有利的;良好的;赞成的,赞许的

  overly self-contented 过于自满的

  neglect vt. 忽略;疏忽;怠慢

  tremendous adj. 极大的;巨大的;惊人的

  self-reliance n. 自力更生;依靠自己;自立

  a strong sense of responsibility 强烈的责任感

  in summary 总之;概况来说

  determining factor 决定因素

  take into account 考虑;重视

  be overly obsessed with... 过分沉迷于……