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2021-11-19 11:31


  Hi! My name is (姓名). I come from (学校), majoring in (专业). Generally speaking, I’m a hard-working person especially when doing what I’m interested in. I will try my best to manage it no matter how difficult it is, both in study and work. Thank you!


  Hello, I’m (姓名), from (学校). My hometown is (家乡), a very beautiful city. In my spare time, I often borrow and buy books on (专业) and read them through as carefully as I can. I believe, with my solid foundation in this field and my determination to further my study, I will widen my horizons and stride forward in my academic career. Thank you!


  Good morning, I’m (姓名) from (学校), majoring in (专业). I’m open-minded, quick in thinking and very fond of history. In my spare time, I have broad interests like many other youngsters. I like reading books, especially those about history and humanity. When I was a freshman, I joined the Students’ Union and finally became the minister of Propaganda Department through my hard work. That’s all. Thank you!


  Hi! My name is (姓名). I come from (学校), majoring in (专业). I like English very much and have made great progress, but I do think there’s still a long way to go. So I won’t give up my English study, and I’ll keep improving my listening and speaking skills. Thank you!


  My name is (姓名). I’m (年龄) years old and I come from (学校). Since I entered my university, I have been studying hard. I was granted the second-class prize and have gained several kinds of diplomas, such as the certificates of AutoCAD and Autodesk. That’s all for my introduction. Thank you!


  Hello, my name is (姓名). I’m (年龄) years old. Now I study in (学校) as a freshman/sophomore/junior/senior, and my major is (专业). In my free time, I love taking exercise. Though becoming an athlete is not my dream, I believe that a healthy body is the key to a happy life. Thank you.


  Good morning/afternoon. I am (姓名), a freshman/sophomore/junior/senior from (学校). I’m majoring in (专业), which looks at the field of (学科领域). As (理想的工作) is the ideal job for me, I am working extremely hard to realize it. When I get tired, I usually take a walk to relax. Thank you.