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  Private Tutoring





  Private tutoring is “in”.A recent investigation shows that about 80 percent of pupils have private tutors.

  Such a popular practice indicates that people are attaching greater importance to education. Many parents, for various reasons,missed the chance of obtaining a good education. when their children meet with difficulties in study, they arc helpless, Private tutoring is the only solution. As private tutoring is usually one-to-one, the teacher knows the strong points as we11 as the weak points of the pupil, clearly.

  However, private tutoring has its own disadvantages, for one thing, it takes up so much of the pupils’ time that they can hardly find enough time for rest and entertainment, which are essential for their physical and mental health. For another, some teachers, busy“shuttling” from one family to another, tend to neglect their regular teaching duties. What’s more, some teachers are eager to help pupils do well in the test, offering the so-ca11ed tips for test-taking Father than help them acquire what is more meaningful.

  Generally speaking, its disadvantages outweigh its advantages. Greater emphasis should be laid on classroom teaching and practice, on the improvement of teaching quality and on the tapping of the pupils’ potentials. Only in this way can we generation be healthily brought up.