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  Directions: Suppose you are writing a proposal to your school library about improving it' s services, you are writing about its current problems and solutions.
  Dear Sir or Madam,
  I hope you are doing great! I am Li Ming, one of the sophomore students in our university. Following my recent experience of using our school library, I have decided to send you some feed-back. In the first place, the librarians there are not very friend-ly and helpful as they often fail to tell us where to find the book we want, and moreover get impatient easily. What’s more, the books available in the library are too old to catch up with the latest development of related disciplines. Finally, the reading rooms are not bright enough as some of the lights have gone dark. All these have brought great inconvenience to us students, which leaves me with no choice but to write you this letter.
  From my perspective, it would be wise for you to offer all the librarians a training course to familiarize them with the layout of the library and the classifications of the books. If possible, I sincerely hope that you consider the possibility of renewing some of the books and maintaining the facilities properly.
  Thank you for your time and consideration. Look forward to your favorable reply.
  Warm regards,
  Li Ming

  Write proposals for the service of StudentsUnionl/The Federa-tion of Students
  Dear President,
  I hope you are doing great!l am Li Ming,one of the sophomore students in our university.I saw that our Student Union posted a notice collecting advice about enriching extracurricular activ-ities, soI am writing this letter to make some suggestions.
  First, could you organize more sports activities? Now, there is only one annual school-wide sports meet, and I believe both the variety and the frequency of such events can be increased. Second, it might be a good idea for our students to engage in more social activities which can broaden their horizons and im-prove their sense of responsibilities. The Student Union can re-cruit volunteers to aid rural Project Hope primary schools,go to nursing homes to visit elderly people, and raise funds to help disadvantaged groups.Besides, I suggest that more distin-guished experts and scholars in distinct fields be invited to de-liver speeches to our students.Last year,the Student Union or-ganized a couple of forums and lectures, which received wide acclaim from both students and teachers in our school.
  Thank you for your time, and I believe our Student Union will play in bigger role in enriching our students'mind by organiz-ing colorful and diversified extracurricular activities.
  Warm regards,
  Li Ming

  Write proposals for the service of school hospital
  Dear Sir or Madam,
  I hope you are doing great. I am Li Ming, a sophomore majoring in English Language education. I am writing to make suggestions on making an application for improving our school clinic' s services.
  The first feature of the application is a website that enables students to express their dissatisfaction about the doctors attitude. Due to the large number of patients, it is quite easy for students to encounter the doctor' s impatience, which leads to mental discomfort in the process of seeing a doctor. Moreover, booking a doctor in advance is another useful aspect of this application. With the help of this feature, students can avoid wasting time waiting for the call of doctors, because they need to arrive in the clinic at the time they booked before.
  Thank you for your consideration and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  Kind regards,
  Li Ming