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2022年6月英语四级长篇阅读试题及答案 第一套
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  2022年6月英语四级考试已经结束了,新东方网四六级频道为您带来《2022年6月英语四级长篇阅读试题及答案 第一套》供各位考生参考!我们将以更及时的发布本期英语四级试卷、四级答案、以及四级试题解析,请关注【官方微信:四六级小助手 (微信号:koolearncet)】,了解最新信息。

《2022年6月英语四级长篇阅读试题及答案 第一套》


  26 C chew

  27.G dental

  28. F defense

  29. O underneath

  30. E continue

  31.A adult

  32. L replace

  33.D contains

  34. N triggered

  35.B associated


  36.G Clues about the culture ofa company can be found on its website.

  37.D It can be difficult to know the real situation in a company until you become part of it

  38.M It is impossible for a job applicant to have every expectation met.

  39.A Simply by reading its descriptionthe author found the job offered ideal.

  40.F Job applicants are advised to make a written list of their likes and dislikes in their previous employment.

  41.K F At the end of an interview,a job applicant should seize the opportunity to get answers to their urgent questions. 42.E To begin with, job applicants should be clear what they expect from their future employer

  43.I Job applicants should read with a critical eye what is written about a company on the website.

  44.C Job satisfaction has a lot to do with company culture. 45.J A chat with an insider of a company can give job applicants very useful information when they prepare for an interview