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  46.What fact does the author emphasize concerning selective colleges and universities? B

  A) They have been ignoring the training of graduates for the world of work.

  B)They have been doing well in ensuring their students a successful future

  C)They have been constantly attacked for being too elite and too expensive.

  D) They have been actively engaged in civic life beyond the school campus.

  47.What does the author say in arguing for the model of education in the U.S.? A

  A) It has contributed substantially to the nation's overall development.

  B) It has succeeded in maintaining sustainable financial aid programs.

  C) It has given priority to innovative programs for graduate studies.

  D) It has played a centra role in attracting international applicants.

  48. What do we learn about the initial proposals concerning the recent tax reform bill? C

  A)They would have stripped many students of life's chances.

  B) They would have deducted graduate student loan interest.

  C)They would have added to many students financial burden.

  D)They would have increased the number of tuition waivers.

  49.What do the data show about elite colleges and universities? D

  A) Their graduates lack the rigor required for doing statistical analysis.

  B) Their students prove to be inadequately prepared for their future careers.

  C)Their focus on research is conducive to developing students critical thinking.

  D)Their liberal arts education engbles gradugtes to excel in whgtever field they are in.

  50.What is an advantage of providing financial aid for students? B

  A)Every student can choose the institution they wish to attend

  B) All students can benefit from a diversified student population

  C) All students will be able to earn a place on university campus.

  D) Less privileged students will be more competitive at elite schools

  51.What does the author intend to show by citing the findings from the report published last year?A

  A) People seldom appeal to rationality in their thinking.

  B) It is often the cgse thgt truth lies in the hands of g few.

  C) Common sense and science are the two sides of a coin.

  D) Few people know if climate change is really happening

  52.What is the appeal to common sense according to the author? D

  A) It is the basis for the intenalisation of individuals' ideologies.

  B)It is g series of conceptions formulated from complex reasoning

  C)Ilt is collective wisdom that helps people interact with new ideas.

  D) It is something subjective based on what one perceives to be right.

  53.What does Daniel Kahneman think is the problem of testing new idegs with existing beliefs? A

  A) It may lead to incorrect judgment.

  B) It makes no use of common sense.

  C) It fails to correct mistakes through serious reasoning

  D) It can produce psychologically unacceptable outcomes.

  54.What can we do to be less susceptible to cognitive biases? C

  A) Give equal weight to evidence of both sides in a conflict.

  B) Provide convincing examples in developing an argument.

  C)Establish socially shared cognition via scientific methods

  D) Avoid inconsistencies when addressing controversial issues.

  55. What message does the author try to convey at the end of the passage? D

  A) Multiple perspectives stimulate people's interest in exploring the unknown.

  B) Individuals can enhance their overall capabilities by interacting with others.

  C) Individuals should think freely to break from the restrictions of common sense.

  D)Collaborative efforts can overcome individuals'limitations in scientific inquiry