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  The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is the first rail-road bridge across the Yantze River which was designed by China and constructed with China-made materials. The upper deck is a 4,589 metre-long four-lane road bridge, and the lower deck a 6,772 metre-long double-rail one which joins the original Tianjin-Pukou and Shanghai-Nanjing railway lines, shorten-ing the traveling time across the river from 1.5 hours to 2 minutes. The bridge is not only a significant north-south traffic hub but also a famous scenic spot in Nanjing. The bridge marks a huge progress in China's bridge construc-tion,greatly facilitating the exchanges of both goods and people on both sides of the Yangtze River and playing a major role in the development of economy and the improve-ment of people's living condition.
  Built in 1192 and rebuilt in 1698, the Lugou Bridge, which is located 15 kilometres south west of the Tian'anmen Square across the Yongding River,is the most ancient bridge with multiple arches in Beijing. The bridge is sus-tained by 281 pillars, each of which has a stone lion on the end and more stone lions hiding on its head, back, abdomen or claws.These stone lions are so lifelike with various pos-tures that they are well accepted as fine works of art in stone carving. As there are too many stone lions on the bridge,a saying in Beijing goes,"The lions on the Lugou Bridge are beyond people's count."" The bridge is not only well-known for its aesthetic features but also well recog-nized as a monument in the architectural history of stone bridges.
  The Zhaozhou Bridge, which was built in the Sui Dynasty around 605 AD, is 50.82 metres long and 9.6 metres wide with a span of 37.37 metres.Li Chun,a genius architect, de-signed and supervised its construction. The bridge boasts a novel structure and a graceful appearance, with a major arch in the middle and two minor ones on its ends which help discharge floods, reduce the weight of the bridge and save stones. Since the completion, the bridge has withstood floods and earthquakes, but remains intact in its main struc-ture and stil available in use. The Zhaozhou Bridge is a pio-neering undertaking in the world history of bridge construc-tion and a masterpiece of the Chinese ancient civilization for the simple reason that its similar bridge did not appear in Europe until the 14th century,700 years later than the Zhaozhou Bridge.