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2022-09-17 14:45


  按照中国民间的传统习俗,春节期间长辈通常会给孩子发红包,俗称压岁钱(lucky money),以表达对孩子的祝福,祝他们好运。


  According to traditional customs of Chinese folk, elders usually give red envelopes, commonly known as lucky money, to their children to express blessings and wish them good luck during the Spring Festival.

  Nowadays, red envelopes are not only a gift for children, but often for elders, relatives and friends as well. In recent years, WeChat red envelopes have become increasingly popular as the number of WeChat users has increased. When celebrating the Spring Festival, people often send each other WeChat red envelopes to express their greetings, which is undoubtedly a convenient way to connect with distant relatives and friends.