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2022-09-17 18:12



  Today more and more people begin to realize the pleasures and joys of real-world social interaction. In the information era, it goes without saying that the Internet plays a key role in our daily lives. The Internet and mobile phones enabled us to contact others, search for information and provide us with online services. However, opinions vary when it comes to whether they brought us more advantages than drawbacks. First and foremost, it is natural for students to be fond of mobile phones because of the convenience they bring. However, in my opinion, real-world social interaction is incomparable to online platforms. We can’t communicate directly and expressively if we abandon the way of real-world social interaction. Without the care of friends and family, people get easily downhearted and demoralized. It is time for us to draw attention to the problem and put down our mobile phones, go home every night to have dinner with our family, and sit in front of the TV to chat.

  In the final analysis, the Internet would amount to a double-edged sword. Compared with the previous virtual social interaction, I found how happy the real-world social interaction in the real world is!